The Pressures of Litigation

Being involved in a lawsuit can cause financial pressure on a plaintiff and will often force a quicker and cheaper settlement. Insurance companies know and rely on this inequity.

Case funding has helped level the playing field for plaintiffs by easing their immediate financial pressures. Their attorneys can fight for fair damages instead of settling for less than the plaintiff deserves.

Based on each individual case application, The Funding Exchange matches the information to funding sources who will quickly get funding to the plaintiff.

State: North Carolina

Each state has unique laws regarding litigation funding. The Funding Exchange has many lawsuit funding sources that specialize in funding North Carolina lawsuit loans with a history of reviewing and approving North Carolina lawsuit loans.

Only repay the money if you win your case – do not repay a cent unless you win. The Funding Exchange routes your North Carolina lawsuit loan application to these lending companies free of charge and with no obligation.

Your application is routed electronically allowing the lending companies to receive, review, and approve your lawsuit loan quickly. Access our entire network of lawsuit lending companies with one application… apply now.

Economics & Litigation Funding: How much justice can you afford?

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by: George Steven Swan, S.J.D.

New England School of Law: Law Review Vol. 35 No.4

At Columbia Law School I got the impression that litigation was a quest for the Holy Grail of truth.

Nobody told me that it was also a financial contest, and that in order to succeed, either you or your client must have the economic staying power to weather the stormy seas of litigation. Since the average plaintiff in a tort case does not have the money or the staying power to enter the arena against a giant opponent, it is the...

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